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Thread: Locked in!

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    Locked in!

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    As I left for work this morning I picked up the wrong set of keys. In most circumstances this would not be the end of the world, nor is it in this case to be fair.

    But having just refurbished our porch we have decided to include it as part of the living area of the house. BIG MISTAKE!

    Having closed the internal door behind me, Yale lock clicking into place, I discovered my mistake in picking up the back door keys. Mrs Woody had left for work some 40 minutes earlier and is very security conscious and as usual had locked the external door behind her. If this hsd also been a simple Yale lock there would be no problem, simply twist lever, leave house, go to work, make sure I get home later than her.

    Oh no! This is the 5 point deadlock found on modern double glazed UPVC doors. I am now sat in my porch neither able to gain entry to my house or to leave my home. The porch is half glazed and south facing, and is already starting to warm up!

    Luckily I have my phone. I have rung the Mrs at work who is now doing the 45 minute drive home to release me from my prison!

    Think I might amuse myself on NSC for a while, doh!
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