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    OT - PC help

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    Hi good folk of NSC,

    I need a bit of help with my PC....

    Due to the newborn I hadn't turned this on for a few weeks, turned it on few days ago and once loaded the screen went black then on and black again and then it restarted. Upon restart there are now red lines up and down the screen from when you see the windows splash screen.

    Now, I am guessing this is the graphics card, as in device manager there is a yellow triangle next to it with code 43 error 'windows has stopped this device' next to it!

    I have uninstalled, cleaned drivers and then reinstalled from Nvidia website restarted and the triangle and lines remain.

    Today I opened up the case and hoovered inside, unclipped and gave everything a quick clean and still the same.

    I have a AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 5800+ 3.00GHZ running windows 7 home premium and the card is a Nividia GeForce card (exact type escapes me right now)

    The machine was built by Alienware and was purchased of a family member who had it custom built for gaming about 6 years ago.

    Does anyone know what else may fix the problem? Does it sound like a graphics card issue and buying another card will fix the issue? I've looked a building a machine and can't really justify £400-500 at present.

    The machine still works albeit takes a while to get going now but want to try and keep it for as long as pos....oh and I use it for burning a few CDs/DVDs occasionally, iTunes, Internet, no games or anything.

    Any advice appreciated


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