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    Transfer Window summary - first impressions

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    I know it's still early days, we're yet to see some of these players in action, but we've finally seemed to have replaced every position.

    Do you think this looks like a stronger squad, weaker one - or about the same?

    In - Out

    David Stockdale - Tomasz Kuszczak

    Aaron Hughes - Matthew Upson
    Joe Bennett - Stephen Ward

    Danny Holla - Andrea Orlandi
    Nzuzi Toko - Keith Andrews
    Joao Carlos Teixeira - David Lopez
    Paddy McCourt - Will Buckley

    Chris O'Grady - David Rodriguez
    Adrian Colunga - Leo Ulloa

    I was very critical of Burke and co, but this has been a great couple of weeks of transfer activity. I am delighted that the club has made a very healthy profit without weakening the squad too much. As long as we can rely on Colunga to pop up with goals (no pressure!) then this has been a very, very successful transfer window for the club.
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      We have lost a few others as well. However bar losing Leo when you look at it like that i believe this maybe a better squad. Colunga could still be a player that could be an improvement on Leo.
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      Weaker until we sign a proven striker.
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      I think we are weaker, but with a younger team (more potential to progress and develop) and have a bag-load of cash to counter FFP...I think come the end of this season we will be in a VERY strong position. We are carrying out a very good long-term strategy, but without sacrificing too much in the mean time. Very impressive! Barber IN!
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      I voted about the same so far. A lot depends on Corlunga and I'm guessing, the big one to come. If they both work out then we will be stronger.
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      Orlandi, Buckley were sick notes.

      Andrews and Lopez were average at best
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      Probably cheaper and if they can play in the style/system asked plus a resurgent CMS we are probably not far off a good squad.
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      Early days but:

      David Stockdale - Tomasz Kuszczak - Stockdale versus the TK of late last season

      Aaron Hughes - Matthew Upson - Upson
      Joe Bennett - Stephen Ward - Ward

      Danny Holla - Andrea Orlandi - Holla
      Nzuzi Toko - Keith Andrews - Andrews
      Joao Carlos Teixeira - David Lopez - JCT
      Paddy McCourt - Will Buckley - McCourt if he stays fit

      Chris O'Grady - David Rodriguez - O'Grady
      Adrian Colunga - Leo Ulloa - Bit unfair as I haven't seen AC play but Ulloa was something else
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      David Stockdale - Tomasz Kuszczak : unsure, probably weaker, Did we miss Westwood?

      Aaron Hughes - Matthew Upson : not like for like, probably stronger on the ground, weaker aerially
      Joe Bennett - Stephen Ward: weaker, by quite a wide margin

      Danny Holla - Andrea Orlandi : stronger by a huge margin
      Nzuzi Toko - Keith Andrews: different type of player (Holla compared to Bridcutt/Andrews) Toko preferred.
      Joao Carlos Teixeira - Will Buckley: weaker by lack of pace, maybe more effective in the Championship though, but not in the Premier
      Paddy McCourt - David Lopez: different sort of player, prefer McCourt myself

      Chris O'Grady - David Rodriguez: no contest, stronger, O'Grady more technical as well
      Adrian Colunga - Leo Ulloa: stronger and much preferred the new player as he looks technically better

      I have got it at about the same because Will Buckley is a big loss (we should have loaned him and got him back when Sunderland get relegated: except West Brom, Palace, Burnley might be too bad). Stephen Ward will be missed as well. Colunga could switch it, as I like technically good players.

      Lots of pacy wingers coming through with Championship sides and I wish we had two. Charlton have got one and Wolves have got Dicko and Sako, Norwich have got Redmond & Elliott Bennett, Boro have got a new one. But Buckley was better than all of them.
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      We're not going to walk the league.
      And the difference between 12th/13th and the last two playoff spaces is usually 10-12 points.

      That narrow a window -- it's mostly luck.

      In other words, just like the last two years.
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