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    Old sofa too large to exit lounge - sensible solutions please

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    Please can someone advise with a viable solution.

    It's a long story, but after some building alterations a while back, our sofa is 'land-locked' in the lounge. It's just a bit too long to get through the internal door, no matter what angle you take. (This was known at the time of the building works, but my spouse swore then that she was happy with that sofa forever! Well, just a few years later on, she wants it replaced).

    I could irreparably damage the sofa by getting an end off, which would be enough to get it out. But what a waste. Without damage, it's part of a nice modern L-shaped sofa, in pretty good condition, and so could be sold on to give someone else many years use.

    For any joiners, furniture bods, or just the very knowledgeable on NSC - can anyone advise or help me, on this problem? For example, can an end be taken off carefully and then properly reattached? Anyone with the skills able to help for some £?
    Thanks in advance.


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