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    *~*~* NSC Betting Game 2014-15 - free to enter - win cash - 2 ways to win *~*~*

    3 Not allowed!
    Yes - it's back, and just in time!

    What it's all about...

    1. Each NSCer as at 10:00 on Thursday 7th August 2014 will be awarded 1000 vCash. This cash is purely virtual and has no real monetary equivalent.

    2. There is no entry fee to participate in the game. Entry is FREE to all players.

    3. Betting markets will be offered on each Albion first team match in the 2014-15 season after this date. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all league cup, FA Cup and playoff fixtures.

    4. Each match played will include a win/lose/draw market.

    5. There is no obligation to bet on any individual market. Each player can pick and choose his or her bets as they wish.

    6. Any placed bet is considered to be final. A player is not permitted to increase, reduce or cancel their bet once placed. No moderators have any ability to change bets, so think carefully before submitting your bets.

    7. Each market will close at 3pm for a Saturday fixture and 7:30pm for evening fixtures. Markets will close automatically based on the time on the NSC server. If a player misses the cutoff, there will be no option to place a late bet under any circumstances.

    8. If a match is abandoned or postponed, all associated markets will be voided and all wagers placed will be returned to players. New markets will be created when the fixture is re-scheduled.

    9. Each market will be settled as soon as is possible after the end of the associated match. All efforts will be made to settle markets before the next match is played.

    10. If a player's vCash balance is reduced to 0, their participation in the game will conclude. Under no circumstances will further vCash balances be awarded to any player. As such, players should consider that this game will cover at least 48 matches.

    11. The game will end when the Albion's first team play their final game of the 2014-15 season (league, playoff or Cup as is applicable at the time) and associated markets are settled.

    12. Players should recognise that this is largely being done for fun, but every effort will be made to be fair to all players at all time. My decision is final.

    13. Finishing places will be determined by the highest vCash balances when the game ends. Prizes will be award to those who finish with the 4 highest balances at this time.

    The prizes will be:

    1st - £100
    2nd - £50
    3rd - £30
    4th - £20

    14. To qualify for a prize, a player must have placed a bet in at least 36 matches throughout the course of the season.

    15. Should a place be tied, the prize will be determined on the number of bets placed (highest win), then the biggest single bet win. Should a tie still be in effect, the prize will be shared.

    16. In addition to prizes awarded for players finishing 1st - 4th, a further £50 prize will be offered to the highest placed player who has bet on EVERY Albion fixture of the season. This is done to try and encourage players to stay in the game, and not go 'all in' and crash out of the game.


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