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    The person next to me at the Amex

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    Is a nice chap, well liked by everyone around us in the North Stand. One match last season, can't remember what match it was, about half hour before kick off when the NS was quiet, the female Gully was being escorted around the ground by a young woman who Mrs Shingle had told me to look out for as she was a work colleague of hers. The said young woman however is a die hard Pompey fan who was only working at the Amex on Saturdays to supplement her income.

    So, I turned to this chap and said how funny it was that this Pompey supporting young woman was walking around the Amex with an Albion jacket on, what with her being a die hard Pompey fan. As I'm telling him this his expression begins to change and finally, incandescent with rage he ignores me and screams at the top of his voice.......'GET OFF THE PITCH, YOU FU**ING FILTHY POMPEY SCUM'. She is behind the goal at this point and looks up startled. There's then a moment when we looked at each other in total silence and all I could think is where the f*ck did that come from, and then we both sat back down and he calmly gave his usual match day score prediction. I had to laugh especially as Mrs Shingle later told me her colleague was ill and wasn't working that day.


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