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    Question about house needed!

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    We are currently selling our house and the perspective buyers have had a survey done and there are a few points raised which personally I have no idea about and wondering if anyone could offer any goes........

    The main point is about the chimney in property the report says "the rendered stack is cracked with some damaged/missing areas of render and localised repair is needed to stop any ongoing failure of the render coating. The stack appears largely redundant and as damp problems were founf internally any unused flues should be properly capped and ventilated"

    Any thoughts or idea of cost etc from anyone?

    Also mentions that sub-floor ventilation is inadequoate and should be improved? and also ventialtion in roof space needs doing?

    and lastly "some spring was noted in corner of lounge, but no dampness was recorded to walls around the springy floor area, skirtings of the floor itself?

    Scaremongering and ares covering or some serious issues


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