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    WTF !!! - People wonder why this country is in such a mess !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So, due to circumstances our household has had to apply for working tax credits and we checked it using the online calculator.

    Got the manual form sent, filled it out and sent it back. As we hadn't heard anything after four weeks we phoned HMRC. Great, an hours wait just to be told you shouldn't phone for an update for at least EIGHT weeks after your application. Wait the eight weeks to be told "Why did you wait so long to chase ?" - Errrr - excuse f**king me !!!!!

    Oh, by the way, we appear to have lost your application. We'll send another form.

    Two days later a small cheque arrives - no covering letter or anything. Two days later a letter arrives saying we hadn't provide bank details ( which WERE on the form ). Two days later another letter arrives with the calculation of entitlement which ignores entirely the fact we have a dependent child and gets my partners work hours completely wrong DESPITE it all being completed on the form.

    Ring up ( over an hours wait again ) and give the details AGAIN !!!!!!!!

    Letter today, thank you for your updated bank details but still showing no child and the wrong work hours.

    What kind of morons do HMRC employ ? Really ??

    To top it all off, there is no government minister in charge of HMRC so you have nobody other than HMRC to complain to about their utter shambolic incompetence.

    And don't even get me started on how pathetic the council tax department in B&H Council is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    **** and breathe ****

    Seriously, how difficult should this be ? Why not send all the letters together and save LOADS of money ( as single simple example ) ? It's despairing that this countries governmental departments seem incapable of even the most basic of tasks.
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