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    Need a bigger kitchen! Anyone know an architect?

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    Hi all,

    Our kitchen is quite small, especially for a 3-bed house, so we'd like to make it bigger. Its at the front of the house and so far the three options we've come up with are:

    • Move the downstairs loo and expand into that space (would require putting the loo elsewhere on the ground floor).
    • Convert the integrated garage
    • Extend the front of the house to level with the garage and create a porch inbetween.

    We're a bit unsure which is the best option, how much each option is going to cost (if feasible of course), and whether losing a garage will come back to haunt us in the future if/when we come to sell (although even our smallish car you can't open the doors once you've got it in!) so think we need to get in a professional!

    Can anyone recommend an architect for an initial consultation, with a view to getting plans etc drawn up in the future?

    Thanks in advance!

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