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    Motorcycle (well a scooter actually) - keeping rust at bay

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    I've just part-exchanged a Honda PCX125 (a brilliant little scooter) for a 2014 Honda Forza 300. The PCX was kept outside under a cover for two years and the dealer was surprised by how much corrosion was evident. The brake disc was rusty where the pads didn't keep the disc clear, and the forks were a little pitted at the top. I tend to ride my bikes more than spend time cleaning them as this has always seemed to keep corrosion at bay but I was wondering what tips bikers had for keeping their machines tidy. To be honest my PCX wasn't at all bad and somebody is going to get a nice, used economical scooter (115mpg easily)
    As a slight aside, there is a chap who parks at my local station who rides a Chinese scooter. All the chromework is rusty as hell and the bike takes ages to start on a very slow turnover...but it keeps on going. Quite why he doesn't invest in a new battery, if only for some peace of mind, is anybody's guess.
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