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    Barber's youth policy

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    What does he mean by category one status and I quote...
    “We want to attract and retain the best young players in the south of England and perhaps even wider if we can get our category one status."

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      The equivalent of a 5 star hotel. Our training facilities and academy get graded
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      it's about money and facilities

      here's an example
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      Basically means we can go out and steal other clubs young talent, all with the approval of The FA.
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      Any one know when we can apply for category one status?
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      The Club's youth policy surely?
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      Basically he wants to rob young talent from other clubs
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      Training academies are now graded. Category one being the best.

      Category one academies are allowed to 'poach' young players from category two academies etc. ( unless the young player is on a full professional contract ).

      So if we are category one, then we have a greater chance to sign players from further away, and the ones we have are protected from poaching.
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      A four-tier academy system – It is proposed that there will be four gradings of academies, with the highest rated academies being able to sign the best players and command the largest fees. Category 1 academies will have high contact time with young players, require a minimum of 18 full-time staff and an operational budget of £2.5 M.[4] Academies will be reviewed every two years and re-categorised if necessary. Categorisation is the result of an independent audit.
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      1 Aug 2012 08:55:00
      Three of the 12 clubs who have been audited by Premier League have failed to achieve the aim of leading Category One status in major funding blow

      By Wayne Veysey | Chief Correspondent

      Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers and Crystal Palace have suffered the blow of failing to achieve the top grade under the new four-tier Premier League system for youth development, can reveal.

      They were among the 23 clubs, 17 of whom were from last season’s top division and six from the Championship, who applied for the leading Category One status.

      Twelve clubs have been inspected by the league’s independent standards organisation and the Professional Game Board has ratified the recommendations of the audit team.

      Fulham, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland, West Ham and Wolves have taken the step of announcing in the last few days that they have been successful in achieving their Category One aim. understands that Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United are the other newly accredited Category One clubs.

      However, Newcastle, Blackburn and Palace are believed to have all been awarded Category Two status. This will have considerable financial consequences and inhibits the academies’ capacity to produce future first-team players to follow in the footsteps of star graduates like Andy Carroll, Steven Taylor, Phil Jones, Victor Moses and Nathaniel Clyne.

      The Premier League maintains its audit of clubs is ongoing and it will not make any announcement until the remaining Category One applicants have been inspected. The process will recommence in September, with Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, Aston Villa, Reading, Bolton Wanderers, Norwich, West Brom and Watford still to be audited.

      Under the funding mechanism for the new system – called the Elite Player Performance Plan – each Category One club is projected to receive a minimum £775,000-a-year in Premier League funding from the youth development pot. Category Two clubs will receive a minimum £480,000, Category Three clubs £210,000 and Category Four clubs £100,000.

      Each club is graded according to criteria such as facilities, productivity rates, coaching staff and funding, with a fixed tariff paid for players under 18 according to how much time has been invested in them.

      Academies will be reviewed every two years and re-categorised if necessary.


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