View Poll Results: How are you feeling about the next couple of years at the Albion at the moment?

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  • I feel great, we're going places. Oscar who?

    3 5.77%
  • I feel good, I expect we'll get a decent manager and challenge for promotion.

    21 40.38%
  • I feel ok. Yin and yang.

    15 28.85%
  • I feel bad. The signs at the club are not good, and I don't expect us to challenge for the playoffs.

    7 13.46%
  • l low. Losing managers, players out of contract, we fail to get decent new ones, we're going nowhere

    6 11.54%
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    i am happy that we are moving forward , i do however , have a nagging feeling that the club may be being developed as a commercial entity to be sold on in the future.....there certainly seems no hell bent ambition to get into the prem so that would indicate that the board is in it for the long run , another 5-6 years maybe , by which time there should be a whole new crop of seagulls.........i am completely flumoxed with our last two managers revealing the fact that they want out just before play off time.........maybe the plan is to develop local talent in which case we are in for a bit of a wait , which may see our 26 k "bums on seats" figure diminish somewhat.....i am confused at the moment tbh.


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