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    One is unfortunate... two is careless? Are we the championship Chelski?

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    Occasionally breaking the surface since we moved to the Amex has been evidence that things are not great in our dressing room. On pitch squabbles, off pitch temper tantrums, brushes with the law, an ex-manager who seemed to be complete marmite for the players, etc All this seems to build an image of a number of "camps" in the dressing room with some players close and others at outright war. I see this reflected in our game. How can we beat the opposition when we are too busy fighting each other?

    I believe the two best players we have fielded in the Amex years were Bridcutt (who seemed to worship Gus) and Vicente (who seemed to loathe him - and it was reciprocated). Gus left a hell of a legacy on this team and not all of it was good.

    OG has inherited this and sadly, given the news in the papers and TV, it looks as if he feels he's not able to resolve it. In the same way that Chelski burn managers like no-one's business, I feel our dressing room will prove too complex for all but the greatest man-manager and unless we clear our closets of skeletons and the past of ghosts then I worry we are doomed to repeat this season again and again, groundhog day fashion - always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

    I give the next manager no more than 18 months unless there is a radical overhaul of the squad. The manager after that will serve less than 12 months.

    Sadly, the overhaul needs to be based on more than playing ability. We will need to lose some of our better players because they cannot/will not play in a team with so-and-so who does stay.

    I don't want to support a club like Chelsea... please sort this guys.


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