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    Having got back from Nottingham at 8.30 on Saturday, my bank holiday has consisted of :

    1. Watching the recording of the last 5 minutes of the Forest game (on a loop), the Football League Show, snippets of Sky Sports News (Albion related) and lately, Late Kick-Off (BBC South edition).

    2. Texting all Albion friends about said game, play-off tickets and travel arrangements.

    3. Going on t'internet for HOURS to sort out home and away tickets for Derby. Going on t'internet for HOURS to find out best train deals to get to Derby.

    4. Going on t'internet for even more HOURS to lap up everything about that incredible day, and also to have a laugh at Reading!

    5. Going into garden and spending MINUTES looking at the weeds.

    Oh happy, happy days!! P.S. We're still talking.
    This looks so familiar but on top of that I have forgotten to tell my mrs that I also have a golf society on Saturday. Think a good solicitor may be needed :-). And yes we are still talking to (well for now)
    We are Blue, we are White, we are F*****g dynamite


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