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    Are Amex Stadium Tours Still Running? Also, the Amex as a Tourist Attraction

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    There were a lot of threads during the first season especially, from fans who had taken their families and gone on a stadium tour around the Amex. I've checked out the BHA website (nothing) and the official Amex stadium webpage (404 error message). So does this mean they're still available by special request, or have they been cancelled altogether? If they are still going ahead, does anyone know if they have they changed the format from previous seasons (I haven't been on any tours yet).

    Also, I thought it worth pointing out that the Amex is the 6th most highly-rated attraction in Brighton (out of 80+), at least according to Tripadvisor. More than functioning as a football ground, it seems to be a popular venue generally, if the reviews are anything to go by anyway. Interesting comparing it to other stadia, not mentioning any in particular.


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