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    Scotch Independence

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    What do people think? Should they be allowed to leave just because the idiots who dislike Andy Murray have their way? Or should they be forced to stay in the Union for perhaps the same reason? It's a bit like the death penalty isn't it really? Should we murder them or make them endure life imprisonment. I've always liked the Scotch myself (apart from Gordon Greer last Saturday). They've produced some superb talents that have contributed for both Brighton and the UK. Liam Bridcutt springs to mind. He'll be paying even more tax than he wants to now at Sunderland, both benefitting himself (higher wages) and the Exchequer. Craig Mackail-Smith has been an excellent ambassador for the club too. He is also Scotch. I think the Albion have a lot to lose with the very real and dangerous threat of scotch independence. What do others think?


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