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    If we'd played ATTACKING football this year...

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    In my opinion, we'd be miles further down the table. You cannot just go gung ho in this league without being totally clinical infront of goal.. which we are not.

    With the budget and players we have, I actually think Oscar's way is the best way. It's a philosophy, it's what attracts decent players when you don't have a huge budget. It's what builds the club up for years to come. And I'm in on board.

    No manager wants to play negatively and nick a 1-0, least of all Oscar. But to be where we are in the league, firstly, you've got to NOT LOSE. And that's what we've done for the majority of the season. It's lower risk. But you need your players to take their chances. Which we have not. People have to remember that we're bringing on the likes of JFC and Solly March for Christ's sake. We are no QPR - yet we're a few missed chances away from being right on their tails.

    Just think if we'd scored some of the hatful of opportunities we've created in the last 15 games, we'd be WELL up there. But for one reason or another that hasn't happened. The tactics? Maybe. We're a bit inflexible and our 1st half performances have often lacked a cutting edge. The players? Certainly. They need to pull their fingers out and give a little more. They do need a bit of a kick up the arse.

    This is where I can share the fans frustration a little. In the interviews he gives, Oscar may as well read from a script. He appears emotionless, devoid of any passion and I'm not sure he fully understands how much us fans read into that. But we do. A LOT. The communication we've got from the rest of the club has been incredible this year has been head and shoulders above how it was last year.. all that is, except from the FOOTBALL side of things. We don't want to hear Nathan Jones being firery, we want our COACH on the BBC saying how we were terrible and the fans deserve better etc etc. It makes us feel like we're all on the same page.

    In summary then. Players, give a bit more. Oscar, show us some passion. Fans, perspective.

    I think it's safe to say that we all WANT to like Oscar. He's got the footballing brain, he seems like a nice guy, but sometimes he doesn't half make it difficult...


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