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  • BHA 1 0 Middlesbrough

    37 22.70%
  • BHA 2 0 Middlesbrough

    29 17.79%
  • BHA 2 1 Middlesbrough

    9 5.52%
  • BHA 3 0 Middlesbrough

    12 7.36%
  • BHA 3 1 Middlesbrough

    15 9.20%
  • BHA 3 2 Middlesbrough

    0 0%
  • BHA 0 0 Middlesbrough

    18 11.04%
  • BHA 1 1 Middlesbrough

    19 11.66%
  • BHA 2 2 Middlesbrough

    1 0.61%
  • BHA 0 1 Middlesbrough

    9 5.52%
  • BHA 0 2 Middlesbrough

    7 4.29%
  • BHA 1 2 Middlesbrough

    4 2.45%
  • BHA 0 3 Middlesbrough

    1 0.61%
  • BHA 1 3 Middlesbrough

    0 0%
  • BHA 2 3 Middlesbrough

    0 0%
  • Other

    2 1.23%
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    BHA v Middlesbrough - Score Predictor

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    BHA (9th) meet Middlesbrough (15th) at The Amex on Saturday, in a match that unless the Seagulls win, could mean that the rest of our season becomes meaningless. Despite our last two losses, a win & results going our way, could propel Albion to 6th place! How many opportunities does Oscar need? Will he continue with the drab defensive tactics at home? Will we have a fit Ulloa? Will Hoskins or CMS ever feel the Amex grass in 2014 on a matchday?

    As to recent form, Albion are 8th & Middlesbrough 14th over the last 6 matches - with both sides averaging exactly 1 goal a game each (hint: for score predictor).

    Looking at recent head to heads - the crystal ball gazers, won't have too much confidence by looking at the past. Albion have failed to beat Boro in our last 4 home meetings. Indeed we have only won once in our last seven home matches against them. A pretty rotten record. Still, we did win on our travels to Teeside back in December 2013, so a repeat of the 1-0 result there, will I suspect be acceptable.

    As to the Score Predictor, well played to paul pring, who has reached 10 points. This is a record high in a season of the Score Predictor, so far! This is the third season of the Predictor.

    darters74, DBL, Jimmy Come Lately, Ken Livingstone Seagull, Nigella's Cream Pie, ozseagull, paul pring, tigertim68, tinycowboy, Trevor, Wellesley were all winners Tuesday night.

    As for the Leaderboard:

    10 Points

    paul pring

    9 Points


    8 Points


    7 Points

    The Orange Seagull,

    6 Points

    Bognor Seagull, DBL, father_and_son, Glanders, Luke93, Oscar, SuperBrighton, SweatyMexican, The Modfather

    5 Points

    Blue Valkyrie, casbom, chucky1973, creaky, Daffy Duck, due Shoreham, Jimmy Come Lately, Mew, Napper, Nigella's Cream Pie, One Teddy Maybank, Razmertaz, smillie's garden, Steve Foster, Stuart Munday, Thunder Bolt, Trelford Mills Guide Dog,

    4 Points

    brakespear, brighton_b0y, Foul Play Rocks, fozzie's headband, GolfingGull, JamesAndTheGiantHead, Jesus Gul, Jimmy Skaville, jonathonlivingstoneseagul, Matrix10,mickygp, Mowgli37, Pauli cee, perseus, rcf0712, Shatner's Bassoon, Silk, stugbhafc1, tomfitz12, VAL1850

    3 Points

    1901, albionalbino, bernster, BHA96, Blackadder, BrightonKate, Deano's Invisible Pants, del strangefish, El Turi, flint, Footsoldier, glasfryn, Goldstone1976, HawkTheSeagull, Horton's halftime iceberg, Husty, Jay Cartwright, JOLovegrove, Ken Livingstone Seagull, Lethargic, MattBackHome, MJsGhost, Monsieur Le Plonk, nipponseagull, OzMike, Papa Lazarou, Plooks, Rugrat, Ruthers, Seagull, SeagullSongs, Shropshire Seagull, Shy Talk, simon swagbag, Spicy, Taybha, theboybilly, tigertim68, Trevor, Wellesley, Whim, withdeanwombat, WizzaWazza.

    2 Points

    angmering albion, banjo, basque seagull, BBassic, Beach Hut, Bob!, Braders, brighton7, BrightonGuy, Cantona's Flying Dropkick, catfish, Cold Getting Dumb, Coldenseagull, Conkers, darters74, Dick Head, downham seagull, Dublin seagull, FamilyGuy, Geriatric Seagull, gibseagull, GrahamH65, Hugo Rune, Janbha, keitho54, kevo, Knightsworld, LamieRobertson, Lifelong Supporter, Maron1, melias shoes, MuppetMaestro, mwrpoole, NEASTGULL, Old Town Seagull, ozseagull, pishrat, portslade seagull, Prince Monolulu, PWA, Ravids, Richard_419, Ringmer Seagull, Robbie c, SeagullinExile, Seagull on the wing, SeagullSarge, seagulls99, Shirty, SI BHA, Simster, Stoo82, sydney, Telescombe Seagull, The Brighton Bear, TheJasperCo, TheMajor, Tim Over Whelmed, tinycowboy, TomandJerry, tomo1794, Uh_huh_him, willalbion, wingman

    1 Point

    *Gullsworth*, Albion_Dave, Albion Edd, albion534, Baron Pepperpot, basking, BatterSeagull, BBasic, beattie143, blue2, Blue3, blueandwhitestripes, Bognor Bystander, bomber 130, Bruntburger, burnee54, BUTTERBALL, carteater, cd_501, Cornish Rocket, countryman, CP 0 3 BHA, Crispy Ambulance, dave hylands, Davemania, DavidRyder, dazzer6666, dig54, Djmiles, DTES, Duriston, e77, Eksman, el_ciddy, FOOTSKI, Fulking Seagull, Geestar, Gilliver's Travels, golddene, Goring-by-Sea,Gregory2,Smith1, grubbyhands, Gwm, half time scores, HantsSeagull, hart's shirt, Hillian1, horshamite, Hyperion, imbrightontillidie, Invicta, James Bond's body double, JCL666, Jim higham, Jimmy Grimble, Jim Van Winkle, Johnnyboy, Kalimantan Gull, Knocker15, knocky1, Larry, Leonardhead, life on mars 73, MacKenzie, malleus24, malts seagull, mangull, martin tyler, Maverick, McNulty's Other Kidney, meeching gull, Mellotron, midnight_rendezvous, moggy, MORTY, Mustafa, muzzledseagull, Muzzy, nail-Z, nick c, nicko31, Norman Baker suck my lozenge, northernseagull, North stand Nutter, Notters, Ozziemate, pasty, Pintos, Pixelated Penguin, pottert, Preston Park, RandyWanger, Return of the rev, RM-Taylor, Rod Marsh, Rodney Thomas, Russting, seagull_in_malaysia, Seagull Crow, Seagull Kimchi, Seagurn, Seasidesage, Sergei's Celebration, Shaun, shaolinpunk, Shuggie, SIMMO SAYS, Socialist Sid, Sompting_Seagull, SouthCoastOwl, spanishdave, sully, surrey sid, super-seagulls, SuperWill, The Duke, The Sock of Pocket, This is me, tomfitz12, Tom Hark, Toongull, Toronto Seagull, Turkey, Trevy55555, Trufflehound, Twowheelsbest, TWSeagull, Walt Jabsco, Weretheweststand, weymouthmick, willow147, Withdean and I, Wundt be druv, Zawn Kelly's, Zebedee, Zukey Seagull

    Hall of Fame

    2012/2013 Winner OzMike 9 points
    2011/2012 Winner SWINDON SEAGULL 9 points
    Most wins overall (last two seasons) del strangefish 13 points

    Predicted Scores: 2013/2014 Season

    Leeds (A) 275 scores, 23 correct, 2-1 defeat
    Newport (H) 197 scores, 6 correct, 1-1 (90 mins) 3-1 defeat aet League Cup
    Derby (H) 196 scores, 12 correct, 2-1 defeat
    Birmingham (A) 219 scores, 19 correct, 1-0 win
    Burnley (H) 231 scores, 60 correct, 2-0 win
    Millwall (H) 221 scores, 8 correct, 1-1 draw
    Reading (A) 192 scores, 3 correct, 0-0 draw
    QPR (A) 190 scores, 10 correct, 0-0 draw
    Bolton (H) 193 scores, 12 correct, 3-1 win
    Ipswich (A) 193 scores, 2 correct, 2-0 defeat
    Sheff W (H) 187 scores, 8 correct, 1-1 draw
    Nott F (H) 206 scores, 9 correct, 1-3 defeat
    Yeovil (A) 187 scores, 12 correct, 0-0 draw
    Watford (H) 202 scores, 25 correct, 1-1 draw
    Doncaster (A) 168 scores, 5 correct, 3-1 win
    Blackburn (H) 196 scores, 15 correct, 3-0 win
    Wigan (A) 186 scores, 25 correct, 1-0 win
    Bournemouth (A) 225 scores, 31 correct, 1-1 draw
    Barnsley (H) 208 scores, 0 correct, 2-1 defeat
    Leicester (H) 189 scores, 4 correct, 3-1 win
    Middlesbrough (A) 190 scores, 28 correct, 1-0 win
    Huddersfield (H) 191 scores, 3 correct, 0-0 draw
    Charlton (A) 155 scores, 1 correct, 3-2 defeat
    Blackpool (A) 171 scores, 15 correct, 1-0 win
    Bournemouth (H) 195 scores, 16 correct, 1-1 draw
    Reading (H) 170 scores, 15 correct, 1-0 win, FA Cup 3rd Round
    Birmingham (H) 206 scores, 17 correct, 1-0 win
    Derby (A) 197 scores, 12 correct, 1-0 defeat
    Port Vale (A) 215 scores, 24 correct, 3-1 win, FA Cup 4th Round
    Burnley (A) 206 scores, 17 correct, 0-0 draw
    Watford (A) 195 scores, 4 correct, 2-0 defeat
    Doncaster (H) 228 scores, 27 correct, 1-0 win
    Leeds (H) 214 scores, 24 correct, 1-0 win
    Hull (H) 240 scores, 31 correct, 1-1 draw, FA Cup 5th Round
    Wigan (H) 193 scores, 9 correct, 2-1 defeat
    Hull (A) 188 scores, 11 correct, 2-1 defeat, FA Cup 5th Round replay
    Millwall (A) 198 scores, 27 correct, 1-0 win
    Reading (H) 193 scores, 26 correct, 1-1 draw
    QPR (H) 186 scores, 11 correct, 2-0 win
    Bolton (A) 174 scores, 18 correct, 2-0 win
    Ipswich (H) 201 scores, 3 correct, 2-0 defeat
    Sheffield W (A) 172 scores, 11 correct, 1-0 defeat

    As always you decide .................


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