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    Bobby Zamora's next club

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    On Tuesday Harry Redknapp revealed that Bobby Zamora is looking for a new club, with his two and a half year deal up this summer.

    So where do we think he will end up?

    1. He has historically chosen to live and play in the South-East.
    2. He hasn't played much football in the last 2 years, so will probably want a move where he'll get plenty of first team action.
    3. Physically, it's unlikely he'll play much more than 30-35 games in a season.
    4. Tactically, I'd expect him to be targeting a club where he wouldn't be the lone striker - I don't think his body is up to that job any more. More likely he'd play the Heskey role in a Heskey-Owen type combination.
    5. I don't think he'd come cheap, so only a handful of Championship clubs will be able to afford him with FFP in full effect. With his body he'd be a gamble for any team.
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