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    Quote Originally Posted by StonehamPark View Post
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    Scrappy Doo. The annoying little $hit.
    I'd happily have runt face (that is an 'R') after me.
    I'd stove the little squeaking bag of ploppies face in.
    Then I'd chuck the gobsh*te in a sack weighted down with Peter Perfect and sling him in a river.

    Let's see your p-p-p-p-puppy-power save you now.

    Sure Scooby is an honest loyal Great bloke, but he got shafted big time by his sister.
    Scooby should never have had to put up with that verminous delinquent.
    Clearly had punt face moved in with anyone else they would have fed him to the dogs.

    All he did was cause trouble and put Scoobies life in danger.
    Munt face should have got the shoeing he deserved, at birth, instead of ruining everything for everybody.

    If he ever sticks his stumpy little nose into my business, I'll tuen him inside out and wear him as a hat.
    And you know what, Scooby will thank me and we'll be best pals for ever, (once I've done away with the stoner).
    “Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.” James E Starrs
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