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    ***Worlds Hardest Creature VII, THE FINAL***

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    So, here we are. 49 creatures entered but only two are left standing. Who, in 48 hours time will be victorious and crowned the Worlds Hardest Creature for 2014? The outcome is in your hands. Think carefully and choose wisely, don't let regret stain your memories of WHC VII and don't let down your chosen beast. Fight till the end.

    The Combatants:

    In the Blue Corner, weighing in at 35 pounds, 28cm tall and 77 cm long, two time beaten finalist, 'The Peoples Champion', always Box Office...
    Honey Badger

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    Route to the final:
    Group C: Winner 38
    2nd round: Honey Badger 52 v Black Mamba 22
    Quarter final: Honey Badger 47 v Grasshopper Mouse 37
    Semi final: Honey Badger 62 vs Crocodile 56

    What is there left to be said about the Honey Badger? He's tough, tenacious and tireless. Small and squat he's a powerful little beast with long sharp claws and a thick, loose skin meaning even if he's in the jaws of another beast he can twist and turn and carry on the fight. He'll fight off much larger animals, horses, cattle, even lions. He gets his name from his love of going into a honey bees nest, ripping it to pieces and eating the larvae inside, impervious to the furious stings and attacks of the bees. He also, hunts, kills and eats poisonous snakes. Even if it means getting knocked out by the venom. He'll just carry on eating when he comes round again.


    In the red corner, weighing in at not a lot, growing up to 12 inches:

    Mantis Shrimp

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    Route to the final:
    Group A: Winner 30 votes
    2nd round: Mantis Shrimp 55 v Bull Shark 27
    Quarter final: Mantis Shrimp 59 v Man 15
    Semi final Mantis Shrimp 48 v Hippo 23

    The Mantis Shrimp has taken the competition by storm his year smashing everything in its path on its way to its first final. It has actually decimated every opponent its faced- not one has bettered 50% of the M.S's vote in any round so far. This brightly coloured little crustacean has a tough, armour -like shell to protect it from attack and when it It's claws attacks at a speed equal to a .22 calibre bullet. At that speed if its claws hit their target that target is going to be eviscerated. If the claws for some reason miss, don't worry, because the speed of the attack is so fast it actually creates a shock wave which will pummel its prey into submission(death). The strike also creates tremendous heat and light. They have also been known to shatter the glass in the aquarium that they've been kept in.
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