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  • Honey bader

    38 34.86%
  • black lugworm

    6 5.50%
  • stag beetle

    4 3.67%
  • jack jumper ant

    15 13.76%
  • lion

    7 6.42%
  • man

    12 11.01%
  • king cobra

    8 7.34%
  • gint squid

    10 9.17%
  • liger

    4 3.67%
  • dog whelk

    5 4.59%
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    ***Worlds Hardest Creature VII, 2014 Group C***

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    Group C. Top 3 progress, 4th place has a shot at the wild card. Groups D and E will arrive tomorrow.

    The Combatants:

    Honey Badger

    This guy needs little introduction. Small and muscular he'll attack pretty much anything if its in the mood. Poisonous snakes? no problem. Lions? no problem. Twice a beaten finalist this beast is pure box office.

    Black Lugworm

    First year in the comp for the black lug worm. Basic research suggests its fishing bait...not sure how long its going to last if thats its only claim to fame...

    Stag Beetle

    This hard armoured, vicious antlered little beast is making its debut(i think...). Lets hopeits supporters give it the backing it'll need to progress.

    Jack Jumper Ant

    Another debutant, the JJA has a lot going for it. These highly aggressive carnivores possess some of the strongest venom in the insect world and are willing to take on and kill wasps and insects much larger than themselves. Potentially a dark horse for the title...


    It's a lion. It needs no introduction, although...The 'king of the jungle' is a regular in the WHC competition but is yet to leave a significant mark on it. Maybe this year?


    Always a controversial nomination. As a social being mankind has risen to the very top and created ways to control and kill the entire natural world. Left on his own though he's a feeble, useless pussy. So, shouldn't really be a contender, but wh knows?

    King Cobra

    The worlds longest venomous snake, this slithering beast has a fearsome reputation and enjoys dining on fellow hard sakes like the python and extremely poisonous krait.

    Giant Squid

    These monsters can grow up to 13metres in length. They have serrated sucker rings on their tentacles, a powerful beak and a tongue with TEETH on it.


    Its a hybrid of a lion and a tiger. Need to know more?!

    Dog Whelk

    this is a predatory, carnivorous sea snail with an incredibly hard shell.
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