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    O/T Car Air Conditioning- Advice Please

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    Hi, last year I took my car in for a service on the air conditioning unit ( an air con service deal by a local garage made me choose this particular garage). Around a month before I took it in, the air conditioning stopped working. Hopeful that a service and re-gas would solve this I went back to collect my car only to be told that it was the compressor and it would need changing for a cost of £550, as the car wasn't even six years old I told them I would get a second opinion before parting with my cash. I took my car in to my normal mechanic last week for it's mot/service and asked him to check the air con for me. He has come back and said the air con pump working but is only getting 10.2 volts of power and needs 12 volts to operate. He is unsure as to the reason and checked fuses, cables and connections in the immediate area only for the problem to persist. He says that he can resolve the issue but is worried about how long it may take and does not want to charge me hours upon hours of labour. So before I either give him the go ahead to spend perhaps hundreds of unnecessary pounds or go without air con, I thought that I would ask the good folk of NSC if they might be able to offer some advice or even a solution to this issue. The car is a VW Polo. Cheers.


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