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    Thoroughly enjoyed Bloc Party Saturday night. Playing silent alarm in reverse was a really nice touch, Flawless album, and the encore tracks were a great choice, Flux, Hunting for Witches and Ratchet never disappoint. The new lineup (not that new really) work brilliantly. The old drummer was a hard act to follow, but in my opinion she is a safer pair of hands and in general they are a slicker outfit nowadays. Silent alarm really does stand the test of time, and is as relevant now as it was almost 15 years ago.
    Didn’t realise they went back to front with the album. Really enjoyed it nonetheless. Big crowd too which was nice to see.

    I was expecting a 2/3 full at most but in fairness the floor was really busy and a few seats either wing were free as you’d expect.

    A much chunkier sound and the album tracks sounded really good.

    Again as you say the original drummer was one of the best I’d seen but the replacement more than holds her own.

    Quite nostalgic for me as I played the album a lot with many others from around that time.

    Quite a few youngsters in attendance who couldn’t have been more than 7/8 when it came out. Good to see and reminds me a bit of getting into albums before my era like Screamadelica, Queen is Dead etc..

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