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    Barnes (and others!) play into the hands of critics!

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    Whilst generally have been satisfied with his performances, bearing in mind that he isn't really a target man, thought last night he let himself down. Control was too often poor and when Butland had the ball at his feet he very rarely put him under pressure and when he did, it was half hearted! His shot in the second half when the ball broke to him on the left and his left footed shot (he is left footed isn't he?) not only failed to trouble Butland but also the side netting!!!! Would still have preferred to have seen him and Lita on the pitch for the last few minutes.

    As for Lopez, he was once again very disappointing, a shadow of the player we saw in the 2nd half of last season and I suspect his pitch time will considerably reduce once the injury list reduces more!!!

    Thought Conway had one of his best games and was unlucky with the shot in the first half however don't think he is better than Buckley or KLL so is it worth extending his loan? The only possible reasons would be if we are offloading either Buckley or KLL in the window or, based on the law of averages, neither of those two players are likely to remain fit for long enough!!!

    JFC was a bit anonymous so no surprise he went off but would still persevere with him. Agustien came on and did well and Barnes should have done better from his cross.

    Calde once again unlucky to be dropped for Bruno.

    As others have said, the two goals stemmed from the fact no one put in a decent tackle and the fact they had someone ready to try and take the ball past someone rather than always looking to try and pass it around them.

    And of course, why can't we play from the start, the way we played when we went two down!

    To sum up, so bloody frustrating!!!

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      Have to agree with most of that.

      I'll freely admit I'm one of the Barnes critics, yes, his performance was pretty damn poor last night but my god, David Lopez, take a bow son, you made Barnes look like Pele, quite an achievement.

      Defence was poor all round, Bruno and Greer especially.

      As for Garcia, what was he thinking?... So many dubious decisions.

      Bright spots, I thought Conway had a fairly decent game but like you said, not really as good as LuaLua or last seasons Will Buckley, I actually thought Agustein was MOM.
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      I agree very much with this. I respect Barnes (after all how many other 24-year-olds have scored 50+ goals for the Albion?), but he is not and never will be a lone striker in the Championship. His control is terrible and he has neither the strength nor the pace required for that role. He also poses very little threat on goal, as is proved by the fact he's scored in two matches this season. I think he's a decent player in certain situations and I'd by no means be kicking him out of the team for good, but it is imperative that Leonardo is back asap.

      Lopez is just a farce now. I've avoided laying into him all season, presuming that his form from last year would return, but it's December now. We're almost halfway through the season, and if anything he's getting worse. He needs to go for good. Just pay up his contract or whatever it takes to ensure I don't have to see him on the pitch in an Albion shirt ever again. Bruno is infuriating because he plays like such a tart. Trying a backheel clearance last night that he cocked up, allowing the Barnsley winger in behind our defence, just about sums him up. Forster-Caskey might turn out to be okay, but again right here, right now he offers nothing beyond the occasional goal. I'm not even going to discuss Conway, who is my most disliked Albion player for several years.

      All in all, thanks to these guys for their mediocre performance this season that has just about kept us in touch, but now is the time to bin them all. We've been patient, we've spent 18 matches giving Oscar and the team very little criticism for some abject performances, but now almost all our injured players are coming back to fitness so there are absolutely no excuses. I want to see Bridcutt and Ince/Crofts in midfield with Orlandi in front of them, Buckley on the right and either Kazenga or Barnes on the left (depending on the fixture), with Leonardo upfront. No more pissing around with lightweights like Lopez and Conway or relying on Barnes for our goals. That's not good enough for a team with 25,000+ crowds and millions of pounds of investment in the team.

      From Christmas onwards, there is absolutely no excuse for not producing top two form, and if we do that we'll get in the play-offs.
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      (he is left footed isn't he?)
      I'm pretty sure he is right footed because He takes his penaltys with his right foot.
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