Turmoil of Poyet exit damaged Albion and manager says Knight

11:40am Friday 15th November 2013 in Albion By Andy Naylor
Dick Knight reckons Gus Poyet's exit could have been handled better
Albion's handling of their break-up with former boss Gus Poyet has come under fire from Dick Knight.
The Seagulls’ life president says he would have done things differently to his successor as chairman Tony Bloom.
Poyet was sacked in June for gross misconduct following a detailed internal investigation by the club.
Knight, writing in his autobiography Mad Man, said: “He was the first manager since Steve Gritt that I had not appointed, but I grew to have a good relationship with him and felt the matter had not been handled as I would have done so.
“I’ve told Tony that I think it was unfortunate the club made the decision to publicly suspend the man that brought us the best football we have seen in years.
“The turmoil created has been damaging, both to the club and Gus, and I’m not sure it needed to happen like that. The club should have dealt with it in house. But at the end of the day, Tony is running the show now and he makes the decisions.
“I felt it was sad for our club. The relationship between the manager and the chairman is the most important in any club, and I should know – I had to build that relationship a few times.
“With Gus that relationship seemed to change when the new chief executive, Paul Barber arrived.
“Barber and Poyet may have had their differences, perhaps going back to their Tottenham days, but the buck stops with the chairman, and maybe Tony learned something from the whole unfortunate episode.”
Poyet, now manager of Sunderland, last week dropped his employment tribunal claim against Albion without receiving a penny in compensation.

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