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    Life changing gadgets

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    For a few weeks I had been pondering how to get me, my bicycle and my double-Americano (black, no sugar) the last 200m from the coffee shop to the office; I have never been comfortable riding one-handed.

    Searching Google I discovered others have grappled with this very same conundrum and as a consequence Portland Design Company invented the handlebar mounted coffee cup holster. Cool huh? It's called the Bar-ista. Can you see what they have done there? Anyway, the upshot is that I can now safely navigate the final few metres of my journey with both hands on the bars. I though I'd share this incase any other NSCers struggle with my former plight.

    And it got me thinking do any other NSCer have any life-changing/improving designs they care to share?

    PS croissant goes in pannier.
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