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    NSC is all about community - a community of people joined, generally, by the involvement that Brighton & Hove Albion has in their lives.

    The Albion Roar has grown to be an essential part of Albion life for thousands of Brighton fans including many NSCers. Al and Ady do an amazing job, week in week out, delivering insights into the Albion, past and present, that would otherwise remain undiscovered. They've been doing this on a shoestring budget, whilst ambitions to publicise The Roar and purchase equipment to help broaden the show have proved to be out of reach.

    Because I think the show is a very valuable part of Albion community life, I've committed that NSC will donate £150 per month to from October 2013 to May 2014 to The Roar which I'm told will help the chaps achieve some of the ideas they've been knocking about for some time.

    If you don't listen to The Roar already, you really should give it a go. You're unlikely to be disappointed.


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