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    Do you have a telly in the bedroom?

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    Following on from a chat I had with a friend of mine who always when going to bed turns the telly on.
    Has it on timer to turn it off after he has fallen asleep (did not know they did this)
    And then switches it on when he wakes up!
    Reminded of it when Bozza posted that he was watching MOTD2 in the bedroom naked (erk, rid me of this mental image ).

    My mate who is not a teenager but a middle-aged married man with kids was as gob smacked as me for not having a telly in the bedroom as i was for him having one.

    I'm of the opinion bedrooms are are for sleeping and "other" bedroom activities only.
    If i want to watch TV then i go to the lounge.
    Now i know its generally normal for teenagers to have them in there bedroom as it there own space etc and the use them mostly for gaming.
    But i'm talking about when its your own home hence you have "control" over the telly rather than being a sibling.

    Why would you want to watch tv in Bed??
    God Save The Queen


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