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    new laptop needed - advice please

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    i've just today had an insurance pay out as my Mum dropped my laptop. I have up to £739 to spend which seems like a lot.

    Laptop needs to

    - also replace ageing (5 years old) Dell desktop
    - be suitable for my wife to do her planning on her lap using word (Primary teacher)
    - be ok for occasional gaming (football manager etc)
    - hold all my music and photos etc

    We have an ipad mini so it doens't need to be super portable and usable for everyday web browsing. I would like to be able to connect up the laptop, smartphones and ipad with some form of network if possible, with shared storage/back up storage for all in one place, perhaps I have enough money to also do this?

    Any advice on the most suitable machine would be appreciated, i;ve seen PC world are doing £100 cashback up to today so may have to act quickly



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