The Supporters' Club held it's AGM last night (Wednesday). Paul Barber was in attendance; the latest newsletter (published today) includes a brief report:-

Paul Barber:-

"Gus had a contract, we expected him to honour it, he didn't want to. He was an asset to the club and the club needs to protect its assets. Club has to come first. Any "court" action by Gus will be private arbitration."

"Gus Poyet was not sacked live on TV but headlines damaged the club. Club did not know he was on TV. On that Sunday, Tony Bloom met Gus face-to-face several hours before Match of the Day and he didn't say he would be on TV. There were legal reasons for the timing, and the timing was known to Gus and his legal advisers. Would we really take a decision that would damage the club deliberately, or humiliate someone deliberately? Process had reached a point where it could not go on any longer."

Barber is also quoted as saying that the Queen's Road ticket office closed as it wasn't economic to run - it sold very few tickets. Trade there has been dropping and the shop will close next year. There may be another city-centre shop but it won't be in Queen's Road.

They bought the LED advertising boards this year to beat Financial Fair Play restrictions.

They also tried to get a concert from The Who, but there was not a large enough "window" in the summer.