The City of Calgary along with Lethbridge, Medicine Hat (CFB Suffield for you Army vets) and parts of the Rocky Mountain parks (Banff, Canmore) are experiencing record rainfall and severe flooding. So far, 100 000 people have been evacuated from Calgary (population 1.1 million) as the Bow and Elbow Rivers have flooded. The Elbow has peaked though the Bow has yet to with 30-35% more water flow expected.

I'm not sure how many people on NSC have been to the area, though I suspect a few have been. The Calgary Stampede is due to be held in two weeks, but the entire area is under metres of water. Currently, flooding has affected the Saddledome - home of the NHL's Calgary Flames - and risen past the 14th row of seats. The dressing rooms are all under water. The highway west to Banff and Lake Louise is closed and those communities are currently cut off.

Flooding is not uncommon in Canada, though the amount of water flow coming from the mountains in the form of torrential rainfall and run-off (snow) is unheard of.

As I am from Calgary and my family still live there, this has caused me an untold amount of stress and anxiety. Fortunately, they are safe and dry and their homes are not at risk, though tens of thousands of homes are. This is absolutely unheard of.

For anyone who has been there, have a look at these photos and video. It is still raining there with 30mm more forecast for today. I sure hope it stops soon so the recovery can begin.

The Louise and Langevin Bridges into downtown core
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High River (apt name) where they film the tv show Heartland
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Canmore, AB
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