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    Deafening silence from The Argus

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    Today's Argus back page was a disgrace - a story that would have belonged in a Reading local paper, with Wayne Bridge damning last season with faint praise as "quite good" and looking forward to the 2013-14 campaign with the Biscuitmen (I'll never get used to this 'Royals' nonsense).

    Rather than having our noses rubbed in the fact that Reading (Reading!) can outspend us, I would have liked to read a piece on our attempts to replace WB - if any. And if there aren't any, because recruitment has ground to a halt in the circumstances, what does the club have to say about it? And if the club refuse to say, then print that.

    In fact, I'd have liked an editorial asking what's going on at the Amex and calling on TB to give some answers. The silence from the club is deafening, but so is the silence from the local paper. But then what do I expect from a publication that's put together in Southampton ...?

    Here's hoping that things will change when the real Andy Naylor gets back from holiday.


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