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    Chance encounters with Albion fans in everyday life.

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    I just wondered if anyone has come into contact with or been briefly united with other Albion fans somewhere outside of Sussex, and not at a football game. (Maybe abroad you've by chance sat next to a fellow Albion fan on the Beach or half way up a mountain or something?)

    I'll tell you for why. Today I was driving down the M4 and noticed a seagulls car sticker in front of me (i have the Albion air freshener and car sticker visible too) in the next lane. As I drove past he cheered at me, and I wound down my window and cheered back. My friends who don't support football thought it was really cool that even though we don't know each other, and it was just a random encounter on the motorway we briefly bonded through a mutual love of the Seagulls. The power of football you might say.

    Your stories please.


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