The local (top flight) team here is AA Gent, at the start of the season they were managed by Bob Peters (who once played for Millwall), he did a very poor job and was sacked, much to the relief of the supporters. He was replaced by Víctor Fernández (52) a Spanish manager with a lot of experience in La Liga with Zaragoza, Tenerife, Celta, Betis and Porto in Portugal. He's turned it round here, firstly by making them difficult to beat and now (because of the convoluted play-off system here, they are in the running for an Europa League spot) he's got them to the play-off final against Standard Liege. He's also reported to be the manager who turned Gus from a forward into an attacking midfielder. He could be good for our Spanish speakers and maybe take Calde under his wing.
BTW Gent play in blue and white (some years in stripes and some not) and are getting a new stadium too.