I get a warm glow at the REMF games.

It is such a wonderful event with great people working for a collective good cause.

Fierce Rivallry's put aside for a night and everyone whether BHAFC or CPFC suppporters getting together and raising a large sum to help kids to play football in the memory of Robert Eaton.

Tonight went without a single hitch as people worked very hard for weeks for it to happen

A special thanks to Alan Wares for all the work he does getting the Lewes FC show on the road. Thanks to Roz for her brilliant photography. Thanks to Dave for the PA and Kay for the unglamourous job of " gate girl " you have done this year after year.

Thanks to Wardy and Ricky for the massive efforts they make to attend and play in the game. Thanks to the BHAFC and CPFC supporters for making it happen year after year. So MANY people to thank for making this happen I could not add them all to this post. So thanks everyone.

You make me blooming proud and I know the Eaton family are so thankful.

See you at REMF 13.