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    ''I have to apologise to Gueddy, I thought he went down easily, saw it on the fls and that is an absolute disgrace. Brighton are a team of cheating shits though, so no surprise''

    ''Well, I'm going to disagree with most of you. Having seen the highlights last night, i dont think we were hard done by at all.

    The Billy Davies comments were mostly about the referee decisions and they covered and replayed the incidents mentioned several times.

    First of all, although when I saw the incident live, I thought Lua Lua should have gone, but in fact, Hutch took a little kick at him, and Lua Lua pushed him in the chest and Hutch fell over like he had been hit by a bus. In my view, I don't want to see players sent off for such incidents. Players push each other in little fracas, all the time. In fact I think it was Cox who pushed one of the BHA officials in the chest in the same fracas. It was handbags near the half way line and didn't warrant any team having to play with 10 men - whatever the letter of the law.

    The second sending off incident was potentially more serious, but was off the ball and difficult for a ref to spot clearly. But having several looks at it, I hardly think it was really bad.

    The Cohen tackle, for me was a foul, although again, when I saw it live I was really annoyed at the free kick. He may have touched the ball (just) but it wasn't enough to deflect it's direction, but he followed through and lifted his leg/foot up to trip Buckley. They didn't score from the free kick, but from a corner.

    I wish that Billy would stop looking for excuses all the time. If it is true, he didn't see the incidents, then he shouldn't raise them in his interview. We got a deflected goal and a goalies howler got us the other, so we had our share of luck as well. We deserved the draw, at least, but yet again Billy is always looking to shift blame anywhere else he can, when there is no need. Sometimes a humble reflection on a game would be welcome.''

    Couple of views....Hammond was a little naughty ..but perhaps the first guy should have seen Forest down at the Amex..we as supporters are always a little blinkered to our own teams misdemeanours

    Matchday 39: Nottingham Forest Vs Brighton Hove Albion Official Matchday Thread - Page 28


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