I'm as gutted as anyone else about this result, particularly as I am 4,000 miles away and feel that it's my fault that we lost because I wasn't perched over my radio having kittens. But, I can't believe the speed and enthusiasm a bulk of NSCers show to the "Poyet out and it's all shit" postings that have appeared tonight. I remember very well the different attitude of the fans in different parts of the old Goldstone ground and having stood and sat in at all ends for many years I can honestly say that the biggest bunch of old wingers stood in the southern end of the West stand and a more miserable bunch of nihilists you would struggle to find - unless of course you have wandered accidentally on to this board. So, I suggest we rename this board West Stand Chat in order to properly reflect the flavour of the postings.

Pissed off in Texas (80 degrees - not that pissed off)