Gus Poyet left St Andrew’s frustrated that his side were denied all three points after conceding another late goal.
The Seagulls have conceded six Championship goals inside the final ten minutes of games this season which have cost them points, and the Albion boss said that it’s got to stop.
He told, “The late goals go against us too many times. Sometimes you can give the opposition credit but sometimes it’s down to your own mistakes. I’m used to it now so I’m no more or less disappointed tonight than usual.
“The idea was to score another goal in the second half when we were ahead, but we didn’t, then when they brought on Marlon King and Nikola Zigic we knew there would be lots of balls into the box.
"When that happens you have two options; to stand strong then score the third goal or to manage to defend until the end of the game, but we did neither.”
The Uruguayan admitted that his side made a slow start in Birmingham but after they came from behind to take a half-time lead he was waiting for the decisive third goal.
“We did not start well and we were waiting for things to happen rather than going at them, but the best thing that happened to us was their goal.
“We didn’t start playing until after they scored and that made us more aggressive trying to go forward. After that it was a matter of time until we scored more goals because it was about quality.
“I was just waiting for the bit of quality on the break to score the third goal but it never came. Tomasz [Kuszczak] had only one save to make so I didn’t see their second goal coming.
“Our fans came here to see us win and I’m sure they are going home wondering how we didn’t win. It’s difficult to understand how we didn’t win that game today.”

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