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    Finally, the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund Mini-bus arrives this week

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    The brand-new, custom built, 16-seater, mini-bus with automatic tail lift, which has been funded by the REMF for Special Seagulls, (AITC), arrives this week.

    A massive, massive thank you to everyone who has organised, taken part, sponsored, donated, promoted, or supported the REMF since its inception.

    The funding of the mini-bus is the biggest single donation that the REMF has ever made and it’s a feather in the cap of those from NSC who have supported the fund. We may be quite well known and established, having raised over £120,000 up to now, but we still need all of your support to continue to thrive.

    Photos of the bus will be posted very shortly. If you’re at the Amex for the Bolton match, you may be able to take your own “snaps” as we’re hoping that the mini-bus will be on show there. More about that later but for now, bask in the "feel-good" flavour for what has been achieved.



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