Greyhound trainers are following horse race trainers and starting racing clubs, Mark Wallis who is a trainer based at Yarmouth and will probably be champion trainer on the open race scene, having won the derby and around 40 grade 1 finals, has just started a racing club, I thought you may be interested in the charges and how the club is run.

Our Club aims will be to keep it simple. The £500 joining fee will be solely used for the purchase of Club Greyhounds and for every 10 members we get a new purchase will be made. This by simple maths gives us around £5,000 to spend on each dog which will enable me to buy some decent greyhounds. Over the years I have built up some superb relationships and contacts in England, Scotland and of course Ireland. From the very top breeders to the best agents I will source our Club Greyhounds and with a bit of luck we can get the next 'Blonde Snapper' or 'Kinda Ready'. I will always try to buy young greyhounds that can start off in puppy races, occasionally if I feel that our club greyhounds need a bit of experience before they go into opens then I will give them some graded races at Yarmouth a top class track with superb facilities. If iIfeel that they don't reach the level expected I will consult with members as to whether to sell them or keep them but ultimately our aim is for the Club's Greyhounds to be able to run in competitions and opens and whereever possible to run on Sky or RPGTV to give members the best chance to watch them run.
The £30 per month pays all the kennel bills which include, travel expenses, physio, vet bills (up to a £100), wormers and anything else other trainers would charge extra. All Greyhounds will have their welfare put first and will all be retired to good loving homes either by ourselves or an RGT re homing scheme. I have set a few racing rules out below that would need to be agreed to by all Members before joining.

They are spiltting the prize money up also, only 34% going to the club members, 33% to help purchse dogs and 33% to run the club. Prize money will be split up every year at end of October.

Any information you want you have to do through the website, each member getting a code to do so.
It will be very interesting on the quality of dogs they purchase and really big race winners they have.
So if they get 100 members they would have 10 dogs, which means they have £3000 per month to keep 10 dogs in training.

Norah McEllistrim a new trainer at Hove also runs a racing club, her club is much cheaper £300 to join and £25 per month, but I think she only has graded dogs, which run at Hove.

Hope you found this interesting.