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    Syndicate meeting - Sunday 23rd September 11.00am at the track

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    We are holding a special meeting of syndicate members at Corals Greyhound Stadium on Sunday 23rd September at 11.00am.

    The meeting needs to discuss a couple of things:

    1. Sponsorship of ALBION YOUTH FC
    At the meeting we will have a clear idea of our own financial position, and are looking to make a decision about how we sponsor the youngsters in Belfast. You may have read the email from Sean Irwin in Belfast, and I will forward any further clarification.
    What would you like us to do? How much should we commit in Lara's name?

    2. NSC Logo
    Perhaps as part of the above, but also in response to the idea of syndicate polo shirts, we are going to need to decide on our logo. There is a separate thread on the main board about this.
    Please bring any examples you can.
    Those who know people who can produce these sort of things, please can you bring this information.

    3. Trainers at the Amex
    No, not wearing your Nikes up there, but to discuss/agree the proposal to take Jason and Matt to a game at the stadium.

    We really need as many members there as possible. If you cannot make it, please will you send us a few lines by email so we understand your views on these topics.You will be able to collect your Lara trophy presentation picture at the meeting.

    The time of the meeting is 11.00 because afterwards you may like to go on up to the kennels with Mark, or watch the racing, or get home in time for Sunday lunch.

    It would be helpful if you would let us know you're coming below.
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