Possible this has been mentioned before and i make no appologies for brining it up again , but after last nights game i witnessed along with many other fuming fans a 12 car train leave falmer for lewes /eastbourne with just the front 8 coaches jammed packed , now for some reason the stewards / train operatives move everybody down the lewes end of the platform and basically there are no people waiting down toward the brighton end of the platform from the point where the gate is letting people onto the platform.

Quite simply its mental and has a knock on effect for the following trains where those wishing to go to eastbourne ect pile on the seaford 4 car train , all in all its very frustrating stood watching 4 coaches leave the platform with nobody in them.

The doors up to coach 11 were on release so its not a case that the trains to big for the platform up to that point, i get it that the full 12 car is to big but at the very least there should of been a steward ect filling those extra coaches , tempers were flaring and its a problem easily solved in retrospect .