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    Matchday programme Albion v Barnsley

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    You will not want to miss this.

    Make sure you buy a copy of the programme on Saturday. I've just read the final text that will go in with the photos, and I really like it.
    The guy who edits the programme has taken the basic information Mark and I provided and added a few quotes from your syndicate treasurer and made a great job of it.

    NSC obviously gets a mention, as does the dogs twitter account, our token (and very welcome) Palace fan, Belfast, Lara winning a trophy last week, Jason and Ballytag kennels, Coral Stadium and Bruno and Vicente.

    Gary, I would be interested to see how many twits join up as a result.

    See you for my programme signing session in the East Stand Brasserie before the game
    I have not forgiven Lewes Council, or DeVeggie, or Archer, or Bellotti, or Stanley, or Bailey, or Whiteside, or Challis, or Saints and Spurs for that 0-0 in 1978.
    I don't get over things and I don't move on easily. OK?


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