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    Albion Dogs.

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    Just a note on the 3 Albion dogs running today and tomorrow, Flyer will need the race as he is on way back from a 2 months lay off from being lame, he will probably get out in front as he normally does but not sure if he will see out the trip, don't want to put anyone off backing him, also Albion legend runs tonight, he is in trap 1 which he has been crying out for, the race is a pretty hot race and our lad is a bit inconsistant because he is very young and still learning, albion Star who runs tomorrow is running out of her skin over 515m which is not her ideal trip, she has finished in first 2 in 5 of her last 6 races, got to have a great change in race tomorrow but expect her to be favourite.
    Good luck to anyone who follows the Albion dogs.


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