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    Quitting Smoking Thread

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Trolls and Vampires, as of 00.55am this morning, I have just had my last cigarette. I will hand myself over to the authorities first thing tomorrow for my 'training'.

    I urge anyone thinking about giving up to post in this thread, so that we may support each other. I have smoked on average 20 odd Camels a day, and after 6 years of smoking (not a lot compared to some) I will be going cold turkey tomorrow morning, albeit with some medical help.

    There was talk before of others quitting all together on this forum for solidarity, so if you are one of those reading, let's give it a month from now.

    Quit by the 17th of July and let the season commence. If anyone wants a wager, I'm game.

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