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    Who Was In Charge Of Catering - And Hemorrhaging Potential Revenue - For FBS?

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    Sorry, really REALLY don't want to be nagging the club for the sake of it, just want the club to be as successful as it can be. A hangover from The Withdean Years I suppose. My fault I'm sure.

    However, the catering side of things for FBS, over two days, was stupidly inept. There's reports of people queueing for two or even three hours for a beer. That is utterly UTTERLY inexcusable. Over two days, that has got to represent a minimum of a quarter of a million quid in lost revenue. On the Friday, the queues were a reported 40 minutes. Plenty of time to improve things for the Saturday. But the queueing time just doubled or trebled. Really hope the club don't tolerate this level of institutional stupidity going into next season. Otherwise the club is just hemorrhaging revenue in an unsustainable way.
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