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    Millennium Stadium: Block Booking Of Seats

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    If we get to Cardiff, how will we ensure we sit next to people we know? We'll get allocated 30,000 tickets or so with no way of sitting with the right people.

    I think the best idea is for a nominated person to go to Withdean and buy 20, 30, 40 seats in a block booking. You could pay that person direct with a cheque or bank transfer. We would need to discuss which band of seats we'd like to go for, who would collect the money etc. You'd also need to fill in one of the special forms. That could be photocopied

    Better to be organised now than wait for when it's too late.

    Who would collect the money if this goes ahead and which price band of seats. Ticket prices start at £26 for the seats at the back through £32 with £46 being the top price. There are also concessions as well but full details aren't available yet...

    Copied from The Internet Football Grounds Guide:

    What's it like for supporters?
    The facilities are first class and there is plenty of leg room and height between rows, ensuring a good view of the action. Although the stadium is huge, one pleasant surprise is that you don't feel that you are that far away from the playing surface. One slight complaint is that at the back of the lower tier, you feel a little cut off from the rest of the stadium as the second tier overhangs the first. You still get a good view of the playing surface, but you can't see the whole stadium. To compensate for this TV screens are suspended beneath the roof above you so that you can see what is happening on the huge stadium screens. Also the incline of the top tier (level six) is quite steep, needing some effort to climb to the top. On the plus side the acoustics and p.a. as you would expect are first class and a great atmosphere can be generated within the stadium. I did find the overhead TV camera that runs diagonally across the stadium suspended beneath some wires somewhat distracting as it whizzed backwards and forwards during the game.

    If you are lucky enough to see a game with the roof of the stadium closed, then prepare yourself for quite a spectacle. The stadium looks totally different with it closed, and the atmosphere is boosted within it. You wouldn't want to see every game under cover, as it seems somewhat artificial, but as a one off it is a fantastic experience.

    Ticket price bands explained
    Excluding Executive Areas, there are are normally four categories of tickets available for football games:

    The most expensive tickets are for the middle tier of the stadium.

    The second band of tickets are for the very front rows of the upper top tier, just above the row of executive boxes.

    The third band of seats are in the mid price category and are located around the middle of the bottom & top tiers of seating.

    The cheapest seats are located in three areas, where although the views are acceptable they are not as good as the other areas. The three areas are: 1) The very front rows of seats in the lower tier 2) Rows of seats at the back of the lower tier. Although the view is okay from this area, you feel a little cut off from the rest of the stadium, as you are sitting under the second tier. 3) Seats right at the back of the top tier, where you are furthest away from the pitch. Again the view of the playing action is fine (unless you have sight problems as your are far away from the pitch), but some of the rest of the stadium is obscured by the tubular steelwork and large video screen hanging down from the roof.

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