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    So far down Shoreham Beach, I am virtually back in Brighton!

    My Perfect Amex.............. Copied from Big Board

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    My Perfect Amex..............
    This is not a moan. I am not a moaner. The Amex is great. These things will make it even better - will cost the club pennies and likely make them more money...

    Ticket Exchange

    Club Selling all seats so no longer blocks of empty ones

    Fill up the trains home - Better than it was but even last week there were empty seats

    Get some food, drink and merchandise vendors outside on the concourse

    Get rid of the hot dog stand in the East (looks awful and takes up premium shelf space)

    Reduce the price of the noodles

    Have additional shelving around the pillars. It aint easy eating a pie, dealing with kids and drinking a beer at the same time

    Get a bookies in

    Enable smart card payment with mobile beer sellers and other on site vendors

    Get some mobile Lager vendors with those big back packs who pour a pint, rather than horrid warm small bottles

    Get some Wifi in the ground

    Improve the Mobile Phone Signal

    At the end of the game, let the information TV's say the wait for trains, buses etc. There is little point it telling a train leaves in 10 mins if there is a 20 min wait.

    Make the North stand 'safe standing'
    Don't take offence. I'm normally ruder than this.


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