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    Seagulls World Commentary

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    I think Seagulls World is great but I have a tiny gripe. The commentary during the highlights is really poor and for some reason the noise of the crowd is dulled down to such a degree that it sounds like the stadium consists of three small mice. You really get no sense of atmosphere whatsoever.

    In the highlights of the 2-1 win at Leeds, you used the commentary and crowd noise from the Radio Sussex broadcast. Not only is Jonny Canter an excellent commentator, but this also gave the viewer a feel for the atmosphere of the game as the crowd noise was a lot louder and more distinct than your usual broadcasts.

    Please use the Radio Sussex commentary on an ongoing basis. It will save you from having to pay someone else to provide sub-standard commentary, when you already have an excellent commentator broadcasting.

    I can guarantee if this went to a NSC poll, the VAST majority would vote in favour of my suggestion.


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